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Your eyesight is precious, even if you don’t think about it every day. While regular eye exams with your Total Vision eye doctor promote clear vision and strong ocular health, sometimes vision and eye health problems still develop.

Fortunately, our providers are ready to treat and manage a wide variety of eye and vision concerns so you can enjoy the best possible outcomes. Trust us to provide you with the help you need.

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Specialty Eye Care

Dry Eyes

Dry eyes usually occur when your eyes can’t make enough tears, or when the tears they do make are of poor quality. Either way, your eyes lack the necessary moisture to feel comfortable and can become a source of ongoing distraction or discomfort.

Vision therapy includes exercises to help you use the muscles in your eyes more comfortably and efficiently. This non-invasive, drug-free regimen can help you strengthen vital key visual skills or relax your eyes during periods of screen use.

If you have myopia, you may still be able to focus clearly on nearby objects but faraway objects will appear blurry. Myopia is normally diagnosed during childhood, since it tends to level off when your eyes stop growing in your early 20s. But since myopia can increase your risk of other potentially severe eye problems, you’ll want to seek professional help to reduce its effects. Our team at Golden Vision offers ortho-k to slow myopia progression and correct vision.

Eye emergencies include any urgent, time-sensitive risk to your vision or ocular health. If you have experienced an eye injury such as chemical exposure, blunt trauma, the entry of a foreign object, a puncture, or a burn, seek immediate medical attention from a Total Vision eye doctor or your nearest emergency room.

Vision Problems

Refractive Errors

Refractive errors occur when the shape of the eye does not bend light correctly, causing blurry vision when focusing at specific distances. The 4 most common types of refractive error are myopia (nearsightedness), hyperopia (farsightedness), presbyopia, and astigmatism.

Most refractive errors can be corrected with glasses, contact lenses, or laser eye surgery (for appropriate candidates). Your Total Vision eye doctor will work with you to find the best solution.

Strabismus occurs when your eyes are not aligned with each other, causing them to point in different directions. Strabismus can be a cosmetic concern for some people, and can also cause problems such as double vision.

Amblyopia occurs when one eye receives fewer visual signals from the brain, affecting the eyes’ ability to work together. Over time, the brain may ignore input from the weaker eye entirely, leading to vision loss on one side.

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The eye doctors at your local Total Vision practice can diagnose many ocular health and vision problems during regular eye exams, then recommend and implement effective ways to address them. Contact your nearest location today and book your next appointment.

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