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We can help you enjoy your vision in many different ways. But in some cases, you might have a vision problem that conventional methods, like glasses or contact lenses, may not be able to correct. This is what we call low vision.

Low vision refers to any vision problem that requires the help of eye care professionals to support. These problems can stem from eye diseases, conditions, injuries, and more. However, our team is ready to help.

With the help of our wide array of techniques and technologies, we’re committed to help you address your low vision symptoms today.

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How Does Low Vision Develop?

Eye disease is the most common cause of low vision. Eye disease issues can permanently affect certain structures in your eye and progress over time.

Your retina, macula, optic nerve, and crystalline lens are all essential for helping you enjoy clear vision, but they can all be affected by issues like:

What Type of Low Vision Do You Have?

Low vision is usually permanent. Depending on the issue you’re experiencing, we could recommend specialty lenses, medications, or surgery to help support your sight.

Routine eye exams can detect these problems early in their development, giving our team an opportunity to address and manage the issue. Early detection and intervention could help us preserve your sight. We can look for what issues are causing your low vision symptoms and what type of low vision you have.

Low vision can come from:

  • Central vision loss
  • Peripheral vision loss
  • Night blindness
  • Blurry or hazy vision

What Can You Do to Manage Low Vision?

While specialty lenses, medications, and surgery could help improve aspects of your vision, you may need to adjust to your symptoms by:

  • Using magnification tools
  • Using brighter lights at home and work
  • Wearing specialty anti-glare lenses or sunglasses
  • Organizing your home and workspace for easier navigation

Low Vision Support at Total Vision

We believe that you deserve comprehensive support for your vision problems. Find out how today when you contact us at Total Vision and book an appointment at one of our locations.

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