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Optometry Practice Management in 10 Steps

A female staff at the clinic is assisting the patients with their needs.

Optometry is a dynamic, fast-paced, and growing field. And running an optometry practice takes a lot of work. Beyond exceptional patient care, operating an optometry practice requires managing employees, handling finances, purchasing equipment or tools, and developing and strengthening relationships. So, how do you overcome these challenges in caring for your patients and dealing with […]

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Can American Optometrists Practice Abroad?

An American doctor practices optometry in a clinic abroad

Healthy eyes and clear vision begin with comprehensive eye exams with your optometrist. Beyond eye exams, your optometrist provides specialty eye care services such as dry eye and myopia control.  But can American optometrists practice abroad? Let’s explore the different qualifications and how optometry works worldwide.  Going Down the Optometry Path Optometry is a fascinating […]

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How Much Do Optometrists Make with Their Own Practice?

A female optometrist smiling

An optometrist’s salary can vary depending on a number of factors, such as whether they own their practice or are employed at a practice. Being an optometrist and owning an optometry practice are very different occupations, but often go hand-in-hand. Owning a practice can have a much higher return, but requires a lot more work […]

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Can Optometrists Prescribe Medication in California?

An orange prescription pill bottle laying on a counter with white pills spilled out of it

California is the most heavily regulated state in America, with almost 400,000 regulatory restrictions. Unfortunately, some of these restrictions affected the level of care that an optometrist could provide if they discovered something during an eye examination. Up until recently, an optometrist would have to refer their patients to an ophthalmologist or other medical doctor […]

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