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What Are the Benefits of Neurolens Glasses?

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If you’ve ever spent too long at your desk and felt pain in your neck, head, and eyes, you probably had eye strain or misalignment. It’s much more common than most people think; millions deal with this every year. Fortunately, there’s a potential answer to this problem: Neurolens glasses.

Neurolens glasses are a customized type of specialty eyewear. They have a unique contoured prism built into the lens designed to slightly alter light as it enters the eye. This can help reduce those feelings of eye strain, headaches, and more, allowing you to focus without discomfort.

Eye Misalignment—Why Does It Happen?

When you spend too long doing any physical movement, like working out at the gym, gardening, or even cleaning, you’re putting constant strain on your muscles. The more you use them and the more stressful the activity, the quicker they tire. If you’ve ever worked a little too hard, you know the feeling of that aching, sore, and burning sensation throughout the tired muscles.

Your eyes aren’t an exception to this situation. Tiny muscles control your eyes, which helps them coordinate and work together. These muscles can tire out when you spend too long focusing on something without taking a break, like drawing, reading, or using a computer.

Your eyes and brain can start having problems working together when tired. The eyes might slightly drift apart or cannot focus specifically at the same point. This can lead to:

  • Eye strain
  • Dizziness
  • Stiffness in the neck and back
  • Tension in and around the eyes
  • Headaches

If this sounds familiar, you’re probably dealing with something called eye misalignment, clinically recognized as “binocular vision dysfunction.” So what do you do?

What Are Neurolens Glasses?

If you have eye misalignment, you may be pleased to know that there is a possible solution: Neurolens glasses.

These are more than just an eyewear upgrade. They’re a potential solution to complicated vision issues caused by misalignment. At the heart of Neurolens is a prism design—and it’s more significant than it may appear initially.

This sophisticated prism design aims to directly address the eye misalignment at the root of your symptoms. It corrects light as it enters the eye, helping to reduce the strain on your ocular muscles. Neurolenses can come in prescription and non-prescription forms, making them a versatile and well-rounded solution to eye misalignment.

Simply put, they rectify the problem by giving your eyes a little boost. With this additional support, screen time can become much more comfortable, and you can stave off the strain that leads to those feelings of discomfort.

How Do Neurolenses Work?

Your eyes are a complex part of the body. Light refracts through the clear front lens to reach the retina, where visual information is sent through the optic nerve to the brain. Every time you focus on something new, flick your vision to a new target, or even just look around casually, you’re using a specific set of muscles. When your eyes are tired, this entire system can become more strained. 

Neurolens aims to correct this problem before it begins. The unique contoured prism in the lens is customized to your specific misalignment. The lenses are designed to shift the light as it enters the eye, subtly correcting your natural misalignment to make things easier on the tiny muscles controlling the eye.

This means that your vision will naturally be aligned, and your eyes can work with ease, making extended near work significantly easier on your visual system. You likely won’t even be aware of the correction as it’s occurring—instead, you can simply enjoy being headache-and-strain-free!

Who Should Try Neurolenses?

So, who can benefit from these glasses? Primarily, these glasses are ideal for people who spend most of their day using screens. The prism can make the screen easier to focus on and alleviate those pesky feelings of eye strain.

However, Neurolenses aren’t limited to just this situation. They can be ideal for anybody who often experiences:

  • Neck pain
  • Back pain
  • Headaches
  • Eye strain
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Light sensitivity

If you’re unsure whether you’d benefit from a pair of Neurolens glasses, visit an optometrist—one who’s part of the Neurolens network—to discuss solutions. They can take a series of careful measurements to determine whether your symptoms are caused by misalignment and help you find the right approach to getting relief.

A patient is receiving an eye exam from an optometrist who is using a slit lamp to examine her eyes.

Try Neurolens for Yourself

If you’re considering Neurolens as a solution for your eye strain, contact our team at Total Vision. We can help you find the answer to your symptoms. You deserve relief, so contact us to schedule an appointment at one of our Total Vision locations!

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