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What Is Considered Normal Vision?

A patient reading an eye chart to test visual acuity

Normal vision, often called 20/20 vision, is the ability to see clearly at 20 feet what should typically be visible at that distance. This term is a universal standard for visual acuity, representing the clarity or sharpness of your vision. During a comprehensive eye exam, an eye doctor uses this measure as a crucial tool […]

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How to Prepare for an Eye Exam

Booking an eye exam appointment online on a computer laptop.

Eye exams are critical to maintaining eye health. To make the most of the time with your optometrist, preparing for your appointment can ensure you don’t forget essential questions or details to share. Bringing a list of questions, notes, and previous prescriptions can help start your eye exam armed with vital information. What to Bring […]

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How to Take Care of Your Eyes Daily: 5 Tips to Preserve Your Eye Health

A group of foods that is good for the eyes, like leafy greens, nuts, citrus fruits, and salmon rich with Omega 3 Fatty acids.

Eye care doesn’t start and end at the optometrist’s office. Managing your eye health is an everyday process, and instilling good habits may help you avoid certain eye conditions and minimize symptoms. Taking care of your eyes doesn’t take drastic changes or commitments, and the results can significantly benefit you. #1: Eat a Balanced Diet […]

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What Can an Eye Exam Detect?

A male doctor sits in front of a monitor and holds a control knob and examines the iris of a patient's eye that is showing on the monitor.

Your optometrist does much more than just determine your prescription for eyeglasses or contact lenses during a comprehensive eye exam.  He or she will also examine your eyes for common and rare eye diseases, evaluate how well your eyes work together as a team, and look for signs of a variety of potentially serious health […]

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What to Do Before an Eye Exam

A close up of a brown eye with an eye chart displayed over the left side of the image.

Eye exams are a series of tests that allow your optometrist to determine your eye health and if you have any eye issues. Eye exams focus on aspects of your vision, like a retinal exam, eye muscle movement, pupil reaction, and refraction testing.  Whether you are going to your optometrist’s office for a particular eye […]

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