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How to Manage a Growing Team in Your Optometry Practice

A group of employees gathered around a table with an illustration of roles and responsibilities written on a table designated to each employee.

As an owner of an optometry practice, how you manage your business and a growing team can greatly impact your practice’s success and efficiency. As your team grows, challenges can arise, such as communication breakdowns, confusion about roles and responsibilities, and decreased productivity. It’s essential that leadership effectively manage the growth of the teams to […]

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Should I Go to Urgent Care for Pink Eye?

A close-up of a little child with pink eye.

Pink eye is a common eye condition that results from an infection of the conjunctiva (membrane lining the eyelid), which becomes inflamed and red or pink.  Pink eye is rarely serious and usually resolves within 1–2 weeks. However, if symptoms last longer and are accompanied by pain, difficulty seeing, or developing light sensitivity, it could […]

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How to Choose the Right Glasses

Handome man with dark eyes and short beard wearing perfectly fitting dark rimmed glasses staring straight into the camera

Whether you are looking for the perfect pair to call your own, or shopping for a loved one, the right glasses are all about comfort, function, and reliability. Selecting the best pair of eyeglasses is the first step after a recent eye exam. Let’s discuss what is most important when considering which lenses and frames […]

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