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What to Do Before an Eye Exam

A close up of a brown eye with an eye chart displayed over the left side of the image.

Eye exams are a series of tests that allow your optometrist to determine your eye health and if you have any eye issues. Eye exams focus on aspects of your vision, like a retinal exam, eye muscle movement, pupil reaction, and refraction testing.  Whether you are going to your optometrist’s office for a particular eye […]

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Why Do My Eyes Feel Sore When I Blink?

A woman with her eyes closed covers one eye with her hand in discomfort.

About Blinking & Eye Problems Blinking, like breathing, is a reflex. While we can control it to some extent, we usually don’t think about it. The average person blinks 900–1,200 times an hour. A blink lasts about 0.1–0.4 seconds, accounting for 10% of the time you’re awake. When your eyes feel sore when you blink, […]

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What Does Farsighted & Nearsighted Mean?

A young woman wearing glasses and smiling, against a yellow backdrop

Healthy eyes are crucial to everyday life. As children and adults, you use them to complete many tasks, such as study, read, watch TV, play sports, and work. Vision impairment can reduce work productivity and affect performance.  Children’s eyes develop as they grow, which makes their first eye exam essential for maintaining overall visual health […]

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When Should a Child Have Their First Eye Exam?

A girl smiling while using a phoropter

Children’s eye exams are essential for assessing and protecting your child’s vision. Your optometrist can identify early signs of eye disease and recommend effective treatments. With how important these eye exams are for children, when should your child have their first?  Continue reading to learn more about children’s eye exams, including when they should have […]

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5 Things Not to Do Before an Eye Exam

Young happy woman undergoing eye exam by her optometrist.

Eye exams are part of a healthy routine each year. For many people, a comprehensive eye exam is a standard annual procedure that helps prevent the progression of eye diseases. Eye exams also allow optometrists to help you see better with accurate prescriptions. Preparing yourself for an eye exam is a relatively practical process. Let’s […]

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How to Choose the Right Glasses

Handome man with dark eyes and short beard wearing perfectly fitting dark rimmed glasses staring straight into the camera

Whether you are looking for the perfect pair to call your own, or shopping for a loved one, the right glasses are all about comfort, function, and reliability. Selecting the best pair of eyeglasses is the first step after a recent eye exam. Let’s discuss what is most important when considering which lenses and frames […]

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